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Monday, January 24, 2011

312. "Out Behind the Barn" by Little Jimmy Dickens

What might be a little bit more interesting than the sketchy performance from the dead middle of last summer's Thunderhill show, even for longtime Thunderheads who can't get enough of the song, is the opportunity to hear the original version of it, which I'll admit I had never heard myself until I put this post together. And that's saying something... I've done a lot of research into where the hell a lot of those oddball Thunderhill songs that most people thing the band wrote actually came from (just wait until we get to The Kit-Kats, dear readers). As for Mr. Dickens' version, hell, it don't sound much at all like what Thunderhill's evolved into over the years. That has a way of happening.

I should mention that the Thunderhill live tracks which are being burned off on 39-40 at the moment are really just rough live mixes, because that's all they need to be. A select few songs have been or are being reworked pretty extensively for the upcoming CD compilation; they tend to be the ones which aren't featured in studio versions on any original Thunderhill release, and a couple of songs where Dad's particularly fond of the "reunion band" arrangements. So far the possible keepers I've posted have been "Okie from Muskogee", "(Ghost) Riders" (which, if released, would require a new lead vocal due to the original signal being all gnarly and distorted), and "Sloop John B". All the others are for entertainment or educational purposes only, or however my pretend lawyer would tell me to word that.

Jim Broome ~ Rhythm guitar, lead vocal (second and fourth verses)
Rex Broome ~ Lead guitar, lead vocal (first and third verses)
Rich Frush ~ Drums, backing vocal
Tom Heckman ~ Bass, backing vocal
Jerry Marsh ~ Tambourine
Recorded at the Honi Honi, Summer 2010 as with previous tracks

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