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Sunday, January 16, 2011

304. "Pretty Deep" by Tanya Donelly

One of those songs I had sort of forgotten that I knew. I got pretty emotional performing it (above and beyond the frustration that's evident at the beginning of the track). For some reason the phrase "I wish I carried a camera" caught in my throat every time, in a sort of teary way. That whole section, the bit with the helicopter as well, really gets me for reasons I can't articulate.

I discovered in the course of preparing this one that there's a really bad video for this song, and I wish I hadn't. No big deal, though. The album this is from is a mixed bag, like a lot of Tanya's stuff after that first Belly record, but I really don't want to miss the opportunity to praise her flat-out beautiful later album Whisky Tango Ghosts, which was hands down my favorite record the year it was released. No big pop songs like this one. Small songs. Almost a redefinition of "intimate". I might have a hard time listening to it now, and frankly I'm a little scared to try. But it's brilliant.

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