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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

299. "Broken" by Eden Hain with Skates & Rays

This dates back the Skates & Rays rehearsal at which Eden's ukulele playing powered the abstract jam that was turned into the cover of Mark Gloster's "Dinosaur". While trying to sort out a recording issue, I asked Eden to take over playing my guitar so I could concentrate on the board and the cables and all associated folderol. Within a few minutes we realized that we could be killing two birds with one stone by having her lead the band through a couple of her original songs that we'd needed to record as demos for way too long now. This one is the older of the two, as evidenced by the fact the she wrote it on guitar: she writes almost exclusively on uke these days.

A third bird is now being killed by yet again the same stone as I convert the recording, finished yesterday, into, to all intents and, if you will, and you will, purposes, a cover of itself. Given that I subsequently added the lead guitar to the band recording, it had already turned into Eden fronting Skates & Rays, and with me replacing her vocal, it turns out to be just plain Skates & Rays in its totally normal form. The second tune recorded this way will probably surface within the week.

Eden Hain: Rhythm guitar
Rex Broome: Vocals, lead guitar
Derek Hanna: Drums
Clifford Ulrich: Bass
(Personnel on the original identical except for Eden ~ Lead vocal instead of Rex)

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