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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

313. "Junk" by Paul McCartney

The last time I had Gen sing a song on 39-40, I even mentioned that the tune she wanted to do was Paul McCartney's "Junk", but I was too lazy to work out the chords. Well, since then, Gen, in her wanderings on YouTube, found a performance of McCartney's band doing an instrumental version of the song. I asked her to forward me the link, thinking that in a pinch I could hijack the audio from the clip and have Gen sing over it, satisfying a number of needs at once.

The pinch now being that in which I am, I decided to take a second to so see if I could scare up a slightly more hi-fi version of the instrumental. And I discovered, much to my embarrassment, that an instrumental version of "Junk", entitled "Singalong Junk", has comfortably resided alongside its vocal counterpart on McCartney since it was orginally released, a year before I was born, and I've had a copy of it for quite some years already without registering it.

So here we have Gen with the finest backing band she's ever had... better even than Golden Earring, but that's another story altogether.

Genevieve Broome ~ Vocals
Paul McCartney ~ Backing track

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