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Monday, January 3, 2011

291. "Breakin' in My Heart" by Tom Verlaine

See, this was a day when I had to do a lot of stuff that involved driving to every location. Yes, I ended that sentence exactly where and how I intended. Anyway, already being behind yet again on 39-40, I'd planned to use Skates & Rays' weekly rehearsal as a session to trouble-shoot the new studio setup and record some covers to deploy over the remainder of the week. To be honest, I was hoping to work the kinks out of the board by having Derek and Cliff record some covers of Cliff's choosing and overdub them at home later... that sounded fun, anyhow. But due to the being everywhere including late to rehearsal thing, it happened that by the time I got there, Cliff and Derek had already set up the drums and PA several rooms away from the "control room", and I didn't want to waste any more rehearsal time wrangling that stuff around, so I contented myself-- well, not really, at all-- with a pair of open-air Mac mic recordings of songs only I actually knew, and the semi-confidence that I could manipulate them into something at least experimentally interesting later. And then I didn't.

It occurs to me that given our recent output here, some might be coming to view Skates & Rays as a sort of (shudder) jam band, albeit an arty, Beefhearty-Velvetsy jam band. I assure you, though, that if you listen to the album we put out last year and the singles we'll be issuing in 2011, you'll hear by and large concise and structurally reasonable literate pop songs. It'll be the same guys playing them, and they'll be singing more, and better... whether it makes much difference is up to you, dear listener.

Rex Broome ~ guitars, vocals
Derek Hanna ~ drums
Clifford Ulrich ~ bass

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