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Sunday, January 2, 2011

290. "Wasted" by Black Flag

Two days ago when I scared up the Devo cover from the KHS reunion in 2009, I took a look at the other recordings from that fateful day, seeming to recall a scant few other listenable performances (not including the ill-advised Poison covers), one of which was a short drumless rip through this Black Flag classic-- the sort of thing I would've really liked to have heard at the prom but could not then imagine getting away with performing in front of the entire student body twenty years later. Unfortunately, all I have in my possession seems to be Heckman's soloed vocal track from the show. Odd. But it did remind me that I always have "Wasted" in my back pocket for emergency use. Having spent most of today putting together covers for other people to perform, including a Linkin Park tune (hey, it's a paid gig), I found that tonight's 39-40 had EMERGENCY USE written all over it in 80-foot-high hot pink comic sans. Which may explain why this version is even more jacked up than usual.

Personnel: Rex

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