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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

293. "Hotel Womb" by The Church

A real embarrassment of a stopgap, this is the second of the two repurposed rehearsal recordings from this week's Skates & Rays rehearsal. I intended for this one to be less a recording of the song than one of those whispy ghosty in-between-song music fragments that were commonly found on the more mysteriously interesting college rock albums of the '80s, such as those of, hey, The Church. Somehow I made the thing too damned long to really function as such, but I still hope it can be heard as a distant passing conversation dimly overheard in a near-sleep state as you ride the 39-40 train to the next destination of some substance, glimpsed between the overproduced and undermixed edifices of the cluttered MIDI-scape or maybe out in the dark fields where the acoustical pisstakes grow in giddy profusion.

At some point I really should give this song its due; I've been dancing around it for years, and it even made a partial appearance on 39-40 last summer, appended to the acoustic version of recent cover-boy Tom Verlaine's take on this Kris Kristoferson song.

The image for the cover art turned out to be really cool. I thought I was in for a nightmare of creepy, crude fetus artwork based on my google image search for the title words, but for once I got lucky.

SKATES & RAYS ~ Rex, Derek & Cliff as per usual.


  1. Off the top of my head, that room reminds me of the one on the cover of Bowie's Hours...