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Saturday, December 4, 2010

261. "See No Evil" by Television

Whilst on the topic of things that strike me as statistically unlikely despite my having no empirical or even vague, theoretical reason for feeling that way, I find it hard to believe I have not, until today, done a cover of a Tom Verlaine composition for 39-40. I know I've mentioned him, and god knows a lot of stuff I've posted contains feeble musical attempts by me to emulate one facet or another of his artistry, of which I am a fervent admirer, but this right here is my first recorded actual cover of anything by the man. The imaginary statistical part reaches back the early, randomized days of the blog... I was certain that The Machine would shuffle a Television or Verlaine song my way in rapid order since my library contains ridiculously disproportionate amounts of them. I certainly have more bootlegs and quasi-legal recordings by Verlaine and his band than by any other artist, and that's saying something since the only other artists for who I collect such things at all are far more prolific than Verlaine, and thirty or so Fall or Neil Young bootlegs are basically a drop in the ocean of what's available.

I bashed this out as a sort of swinging acoustic number. Among the aforementioned Verlaine bootlegs in my possession are a few documents of Tom's very rare acoustic performances. Nothing on them sounds even slightly like this recording.

Personnel: Rex

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