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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

265. "Crazy" by Pylon

In the midst of playing catch-up to cover the dry spell of the last week and a bit-- for those reading along and trying to make chronological sense of this, all songs from Dec. 1 - Dec. 9 are being posted on the ninth, meaning this writing in some senses comes from the future, although this track was completed on the 8th-- I stumbled on this song quite by accident, in the list of randomized stuff used to generate the Pere Ubu cover, and thought, hell, I can knock that one out in no time, and it's awesome. It took a little longer than anticipated, for good reasons... my whim to overdub the super-postpunky lead guitar on a banjo really took off and I decided to integrate it into the arrangement a little more fully.

I sure do love Pylon. They get a fair amount of credit as originators, but I don't know that they're listened to as much as they are namedropped, and that's a shame, because their material stands up as well as only the very best of the postpunk stuff, your Wires and Gang of Fours and Joy Divisions (the stuff which to me truly answers to the term "angular"). It is, to me, totally crucial. I'm still quite frustrated that I didn't make more of an effort to catch them at an LA festival a few years back... within a few months of that show, Randy Bewley would pass away, effectively ending the band forever. Dammit.

Personnel: Rex

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