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Sunday, December 19, 2010

276. "Didn't Know Where I Was" by Jack Frost

I simply got sick of being a day behind, and decided to record the first thing that came to mind as some kind of deal that I could probably do without thinking much about it, a guaranteed one-taker. This song, from the obscure-ish Grant McLennan/Steve Kilbey collaboration Jack Frost's self-titled album, rose to the surface for reasons not immediately apparent to me, although it is a great favorite of mine... this track was a mainstay on the French radio station Oui FM during my time in Paris in 1991, although at the time I didn't know who performed it and only later began to suspect it was a Kilbey solo project (and I wouldn't even become a Go-Betweens fan for another four years or so after I picked up this record). In any case, it was indeed a first-take affair, and by the time I reached the lines "Torches search the heavens/It's raining out at sea", I realized that that was probably what was behind the whole thing. It's been raining for days in LA now and I'm starting to feel a bit washed away by the whole thing.

Personnel: Rex

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