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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

271. "I'm Going to Miss Her" by Skates & Rays

So here we have Skates & Rays covering Skates & Rays. Stupid? Perhaps. But not as invalid as it might seem. Our record You Are My Home (which, if you're not done with your holiday shopping, you can find here) consists of 12 originals, nine penned and sung by me and three written and sung by Cliff. The closing track "I'm Going to Miss Her" is one of those Cliff songs. At our last rehearsal we bashed through it without vocals so I could have a go at singing it myself. You also get a rough idea (and rough it is) of the difference between the recorded sound of S&R and the way we tend to sound at a live show.

I have actually performed "I'm Going to Miss Her", which I should say is a damned fine Gene Clarky kind of song in the best way, as a solo song before, much to my own surprise at the time. When I presented the rough version of You Are My Home to my good friend and high school classmate John Jack Parker, he immediately seized on "I'm Going to Miss Her" as the pinnacle of my songwriting career, towering over all my previous efforts. So when I told him I hadn't written it, we had a good laugh, extending to him requesting the song over and over again when Heckman and I played at our class reunion. After demurring several times, I spontaneously gave it a shot and turned out to know the words pretty well. I've had it in mind to take a crack at it ever since.

Rex Broome: Guitar and vocals
Derek Hanna: Drums
Clifford Ulrich: Bass

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