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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

279. "Dinosaur" by Mark Gloster & Big Rubber Shark

And completing the dividends from this past Tuesday's highly loose Skates & Rays rehearsal, we have... this. Which has no right to be make as much sense as it does. This is actually an extract from a very extended ending to a run-through of our song "Fort Ashby", which we did primarily because Eden was there with her electric ukulele and she knows how to play the song on ukulele. What I didn't know when we started it was that Eden was going to insist on playing the ending inna raga stylee. Yes, it's her and not us old relics steeped in our Crazy Horse and Sonic Youth who propels this... erm, "jam" isn't quite the word, is it? Weirder still, owing to my mic setup, her uke is barely audible (I overdubbed a substitute track) and owing to me kicking over the mic on my amp, my guitar is heard only in the most ghostly of manners. And that works pretty well... it's the Derek and Cliff show, which is not a bad thing.

I sent out a call for requests for the first time in forever, and the winner was, thankfully, this song by Mark Gloster, which lends itself quite well to this restructuring. The original has some elements of spoken extemporaneousness itself, and is hung on a musical piece which also can't quite be classified as a "jam" (because it has way better things to worry about) but certainly has a lot to do with live musical chemistry. It's actually possible that what this version of Big Rubber Shark is doing on the source track is pretty much the same thing as what Skates & Rays are doing on our version... ours just naturally turns out whooshier and wussier. In what I hope is a good way, though.

Rex Broome ~ Guitar, vocals, ukulele
Derek Hanna ~ Drums
Clifford Ulrich ~ Bass
with Eden Hain ~ Electric ukulele

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