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Friday, December 17, 2010

274. "Murder Me Rachael" by The National

Although this is the last song I'm posting from the most recent Skates & Rays rehearsal, it's actually the first one we recorded that night. It does, however, sport a second guitar overdub which I just tacked onto it today.

As I was driving around on my various holiday-oriented errands Tuesday, this song came on the stereo, and I thought, hey, I bet I can get the guys to play this pretty well without them even having to hear the original... two chords and a crescendo. I was essentially right about that, although I guessed the wrong key. The funny part is that, as we played it, I was aware that we were extending it a bit, but I thought we'd probably cleared six minutes at most... I had no idea we were closing in on ten minutes when we put it to bed. Sure was fun, though.

Again, it lacks the genuine backing vocals by Cliff and Derek that it should have... I'm going to have to work something out about that this Tuesday.

Rex Broome ~ Guitars & vocals
Derek Hanna ~ Drums
Clifford Ulrich ~ Bass

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