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Sunday, December 12, 2010

269. "Perfect Wizard World" by Eden Hain

Keen-eared listers and not-very-perceptive nimrods alike will note the the backing tracks, and indeed parts of the vocals as well, are identical on the original and the cover. That's because I produced them both at the same time with exactly such repurposing in mind.

This is one of Eden's newest songs, most of which are ukulele-based and examples of the "wrock" or "wizard rock" genre, which is dedicated to writing and performing songs based on the Harry Potter series. Most of the wrock bands have names following the formula of (Potter Character's First Name) and the (Potter Character's Last Name)s, but Eden and her friends intend to form one called The Silver Doe.

The lyrics here call for a little bit of translation beyond even the Rowlingisms. What she's saying on the chorus is "It has to be the jokes-est one of all". "Jokes" is a manufactured adjective meaning "cool" coined by one of the vloggers Eden follows (The Vlog Brothers, if I'm not mistaken). There's also a section where she lists her friends' crushes on various characters ("Anastasia likes Ron", etc.) and she seems to talk about herself in the third person. But she doesn't... one of her very best friends is indeed also named Eden, which explains my doubly third person reconfiguring of the line in my version.

Rex Broome ~ Vocals, bass, handclaps
Eden Hain ~ Ukulele, vocals, handclaps
Genevieve Broome ~ handclaps

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