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Monday, December 27, 2010

284. "Why Can't I Touch It" by The Buzzcocks

I've been thinking recently that I should do a week of 39-40 with no guitars. There are plenty of instances of my having done that during the project, but not lately, and never for a sustained period of time. I'm not starting such an endeavor right now, but this song was a case where I needed something that could be done quickly and I just couldn't abide the idea of strumming my way through another anything. I learned the bassline to "Why Can't I Touch It?" a long time ago, and I really do think it's one of the best, most insanely hooky bass parts ever written, and I thought I could make something out of it in a dub sort of way fairly quickly, so that's the story with this one.

In an effort to atone for the recent rehearsal takes which have extended a song or two well beyond their original lengths, this cover is well shorter than the Buzzcocks' version. Make no mistake, though: by Buzzcocks standards, the original is incredibly long and jammy.

Rex Broome ~ Bass, vocal, radio controlled Dalek
Eden Hain ~ viola

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