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Thursday, December 30, 2010

287. "Kotton Krown" by Sonic Youth

I can't move my laptop for another six hours... it is tied to two external hard drives, serving as a conduit for backing up data. It doesn't demonstrate great foresight that I chose to set it up to do so in my bedroom. For all practical purposes I didn't have any other options than to record straight into the mic on my Mac for the first time in quite a while. I chose to do so experimentally, at least, with one blind and weird overdub, some ambient doubling of the original track via its tinny echo in the room, and a sampling of the feedback sound that greets me every time I open up a project without having remembered to close down all the mics the last time I put it away. Not easy on the ears, necessarily, but, it is to be hoped, interesting.

The song may well be called "Cotton Crown", but it says "Kotton Krown" scrawled right there on the artwork. Of course, it also says the band name is The Sonic Youth on one side, so it's up to the individual listener whether or not I got that bit right. I first did this acoustic arrangement of this song as a wedding toast quite some time ago. The lucky couple are still together, and I do believe they appreciated the effort I put into it.

Personnel: Rex

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