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Thursday, February 3, 2011

322. "So What About It?" by The Fall

It's amazing that this is only the third Fall song to be done on 39-40, especially considering that when I started the blog I had only recently finished another year-long experiment: listening only, and I do mean only, to The Fall. In fact, one of the early, discarded ideas for the blog was to attempt to cover every Fall song known to man. That would've taken a lot longer and automatically exposed me to a notoriously cerebrally caustic audience, so here we are instead.

The idea was to perform this is if it were not at all a Fall song, while making as few substantive changes as possible. I was going to add harmonies, but I ran out of time to solve a technical glitch. It's probably better this way.

Here's a trivial oddity: as many, many times as I have played harmonica on 39-40, and as many times as I have appeared to play it live along with an acoustic, this marks the first time I have actually cut the harmonica and guitar parts at the same time. I'd long ago lost the tightening wingnut on my harmonica rack and never thought to replace it until I started playing harmonica on a few new covers for Skates & Rays (it's Cliff who dons the rack and plays the harp on the records and live for the band up until now). Turned out to be harder than expected: my rack is German made and requires a metric wingnut. My gift to you is the opportunity to write your own joke. The irony is that, in this song, the not-overdubbed harmonica instantly sounds like a overdub because you hear my voice along with it! It is, in fact, the voice that was added later, when I realized I'd forgotten to do the "bulletin from Moth City" bit, which is, as any true Fall fan will know, a quote from the pre-roll to the remix of the song which can be found on Listening In: Lost Singles Tracks 1990-1992.

Personnel: Rex

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