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Thursday, February 10, 2011

329. "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes" by Eden Hain

I did some quick math today and realized that there are only 37 more songs to go before the end of 39-40, and almost all of the slots are occupied by subprojects and obligations, so from here on out it's a parade of "last evers". This one marks the second and last appearance of Mandolele, the super-high-end duo Eden and I formed as a semi-joke around the time I got my mandolin and she took up the uke. Here we're doing a new wrock tune of Eden's, which was fittingly written as a duet by Eden and her friend Eden (not making this up) around the idea of the Weasley twins, Fred and George, trying to sort out their future plans in what I think is the fifth Harry Potter book. I'm George and she's Fred. It's a damned sophisticated piece of writing, and Eden's uke chops now clearly eclipse my mandolin skills, but the harmonies and Eden came up with work just fine in our arrangement. We actually performed this as a segue between her set and the Skates & Rays bit at the last gig, and I'm afraid I botched my bit up rather badly. This version is a sort of apologia.

Eden Hain ~ Ukulele, vocals (Fred)
Rex Broome ~ Mandolin, whistling, vocals (George)


  1. The Weasley logo? It's just one of the top Google image hits for the title of the song. Typical 39-40 "looks like I put more work into it than I did" strategy!