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Friday, February 25, 2011

344. "Loving Cup" by The Rolling Stones

This is not only the first time I've featured a lead vocal by Skates & Rays drummer Derek Hanna on 39-40, it's the first time he's gotten a lead vocal on an "officially released" Skates & Rays recording. That's just plain ridiculous, because it's always been a part of the Skates & Rays thing that Derek not only sings but may well be the best vocalist in the band. This Stones cover was Derek's idea for a cover to throw into the set at the Oyster House a few weeks back, and I really wanted to record it while it was relatively fresh in our minds. It starts out a little rough, but it gets better, and I'm very happy to present Derek's singing for the first (but not last!) time on the blog.

Derek Hanna ~ Lead vocal, drums
Rex Broome ~ Guitars, backing vocal, harmonica
Clifford Ulrich ~ Bass


  1. Beats the HELL out of Phish's version. Just wish there was a piano on it, and ideally horns.

  2. You know what? I don't care what the next cover is... the FaceBook tease for it is going to be, "Beat the HELL out of Phish's version".