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Sunday, February 6, 2011

325. "The Spinnin' of the World" by John Stewart

Today I'm really not feeling well at all, and it is also Superb Owl Sunday as well as the centennial birthday of the late, meh-at-best former President Ronald Reagan, most fondly remembered as a prior contributor of really bizarre 39-40 source material. More importantly than any of that, it's the birthday of my brother, Dr. Jeffrey L. Broome. As a tribute, I present a recording of a song I played as the toast at his wedding to his wonderful and amazing wife Monica, some 12 or so years ago. It's a low-fi outing, owing to my illness and also the fact that half of my gear is still wedged into my car and unlikely to make it out of there until I feel slightly human again, but it is a song that I really love and which comes from the Broome family favorite LP Bombs Away Dream Babies by John "not the guy from the Daily Show although he's cool too" Stewart.

I wish there were a recording of the duet my dad and I performed at the actual ceremony, of a John Fogerty tune Jeff had specifically requested of us. It was the first real such duet we'd ever done, although such things are a lot more common these days. Either way, I was mighty proud to be a part of the occasion and I hope it won't be too long before we see Jeff and his family, currently planted in northern Texas, again (and in the case of my nephew Carson, for the first time).

For those who've never heard the original, yes, it's Lindsey Buckingham, whose musical awesomeness my brother recognized well before I did so, on the backing vocals.

Personnel: Rex

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