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Monday, February 21, 2011

340. "This Is Radio Etienne" by Saint Etienne

And here we have a rendition of the opening sound collage of Foxbase Alpha, reconfigured into a similarly-structured sound collage by the enigmatic Monkey Typing Pool, whom you may recall have twice appeared on 39-40, once contributing a cover and once supplying the original track for me to cover.

The Head Poolboy has this to say:
So, my idea was this: I listened to the original, and rather than cover it as such, I decided I would just make a track that was similar to it...vaguely oldish radio-sounding music, "foreign" talk, etc. There's no musical similarity at all (except accidentally); I just went for structural similarity.

Most of my foreign jibber-jabber means nothing. Except in the middle - that's pseudo-Slavic-language for "This is Radio 39-40" (phonetically, something like "den siss rod-nyom tronsip-nupp fartsip")...
Heh heh heh... fartsip.

More on the creation of the track can be read here.

Monkey Typing Pool
Keyboards, sound effects, completely made-up "foreign language," samples (based on excerpt from Antonio Russolo's "Corale and Serenata" - 1921).


  1. Far more detail on the construction of the cover track here

  2. Always so nauseating to see - ALWAYS Americans - ESPECIALLY those ignorant assholes frm the in-bred, southern part describe anything they don't know as 'foreign sounding...old...'

    It happens to be French - particularly, the theme from French 'football' - SOCCER, to you primitves