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Saturday, February 26, 2011

345. "You're In a Bad Way" by Saint Etienne

And here's the "bonus track" for the Saint Etienne tribute album, a song not from Foxbase Alpha but from the band's subsequent album So Tough. Trivia, So Tough is one of at least two Saint Etienne records to take its title from an obscure-ish Beach Boys track, the other being the compilation You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone, which is perhaps the most appropriate title yet for the 39-40 tribute, especially since I've recently realized that we're actually covering the US version of Foxbase which has two stealth bonus tracks inserted in amongst the running order of the UK release. And that's just one more reason I'm more than happy to add this song to the package.

Another is the opportunity to feature New Zealand's own James Dignan again, this time in the spotlight. The list of contributions James has made to the project is long enough that I'll just advise you to do a search for his name on the blog to get caught up. Working on this project made James aware of the unfortunate demise of his trust 4-track, so this is his first digitally-recorded home project. Funny, it sounds better than most of what I'm coming up with after nearly a year of this stuff...

James also provided his own cover artwork, based on one of his own paintings. Yeah, James wears many hats. You can see some of them hanging at his website, here.

James Dignan

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