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Thursday, February 24, 2011

343. "Do It Clean" by Echo & the Bunnymen

Charlie Eckstrom has appeared on 39-40 in the form of an information-ghost, most notably on this track which was constructed out of a very old demo tape of a song he had written, and this one which was cut together from a recording Charlie, Derek of Skates & Rays and I did a while back, but this is his first appearance in the flesh. Like the Skates guy and Tom Heckman, Charlie's a guy I've done a lot of music with, for a long time, and it really wouldn't have done to have 39-40 shut down without having him on. Nor would it do to have Charlie's epic version of this Bunnymen tune, which has been his concert calling-card since before I met him, slip into the mists of obscurity. So here he is, belting out his take on the live version of "Do It Clean", with Skates & Rays doing our best to keep up with him.

Hell, I can't believe I haven't done Bunnymen tune before now. I mean, I did do an extensive quote of "Silver" as an addendum to "The Daily Planet" by Love last July, and I was quoting "Never Stop" as recently as a week or so ago in "Into My Hands", but somehow a full cover has never happened. Those quotes, and I'm sure there are others (hell, this song itself is quoted in one of my original songs, "Dead Tongue") stand as a testament to have very very much I love the band.

Charlie Eckstrom ~ Vocal, guitar
Rex Broome ~ Guitars
Derek Hanna ~ Drums
Clifford Ulrich ~ Bass

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  1. My iTunes just shuffled "Fort Ashby" immediately followed by the live bonus track of "The Disease."