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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

341. "Houdini Blues" by Kristin Hersh

So I find myself three days behind... this kind of thing would never have happened in the early days... but I develop this great plan for how I'm going to bash out three songs today without any of them sounding subpar, thanks to the backlog of band tracks I have at this point. That's when I reach for my MOTU... and find it doesn't work again. No, I never really solved the whole issue of what's wrong with it, but by and large it has behaved itself for a couple of weeks, only crapping out once and being easily reset on that occasion. But not this morning.

So I decided to give it a rest and see if it'll come to its senses while I bash out another weird phasey open air recording in the bedroom. I'm really surprised that I didn't pull this song out during the Lightning Round... I've been playing it for a long, long time.

Personnel: Rex

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