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Saturday, February 12, 2011

331. "Wilson" by Saint Etienne

The endgame for 39-40, a multi-artist guest star extravaganza covering every track on Saint Etienne's classic album Foxbase Alpha, commences here. Sort of. The truth is, it actually commenced with the very first 39-40 post ever, which was, ironically, the very last track on Alpha. Some would call it destiny.

This track being an audio collage, I again called upon my long-standing partners in experimental noise, Butterfly Distraction. In fact, the Beefheartian guitar and bass bed for this track is extracted from the same recent longform BD performance as used for this track, although you'd never know it: an average Butterfly improvisation goes one for well over an hour and wends its way through so many permutations that you could easily chop it up into far more than just two dissimilar sounding selections.

It was clearly the right thing to do to bring Anjali around one more time to provide the spoken word sample. Matching the male voices was a little tougher... there wasn't a "UK Male Child" voice available in the voice synthesis engine that brings Anji to life, so "Come on Auntie, we'll miss the bus" is actually the same voice as "It's the new money, you know", just repitched and sounding, if possible, even more unnatural and disturbing.

Rex Broome ~ Guitar
Miranda Broome ~ Bass
Derek Hanna ~ Guitar
Clifford Ulrich ~ Guitar
Anjali and friends ~ Vocals

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