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Monday, February 14, 2011

333. "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks

Catching up on old promises again, here's Gen doing "Waterloo Sunset". And I got her to play lead guitar as well! She's been idly playing that riff and singing the song since I met her, and a recent Facebook discussion of how perfect it is prompted me to bring this into the world. I mean, who better? I have the blog, the gear, and most importantly and in contrast to everyone else, I have Gen. And even then, in terms of her voice, I barely made it... she had a tooth pulled this morning and I don't know when she'll next be able to speak clearly, much less sing this well!

The backing track didn't quite hit my mark, mostly because I recorded the rhythm guitar while Eden was home sick and I didn't want to fire up the amp while she was trying to rest, so it's all amp-modeled, and I really couldn't find or fine-tune the sound I heard in my head for this. It's mitigated in the final mix by the contrast with Gen's lead on acoustic.

The basic drum groove pleases me, though; it's a sample from "Bonita Applebum". A few weeks ago, probably leading up to the cover of "Violet Town" (although I wouldn't swear to it) and after listening to a lot of old 39-40 on CDs in my car and being a little let down at the familiarity of all the drum loops, I decided I needed some new ones and decide to go jackin' for beats, and to do it where I oughta. So I went trawling through my old school hip hop and some of the artists famous for providing the beats upon which hip hop was built. Got some great stuff, but halfway through the Incredible Bongo Band's oeuvre I realized I didn't truly have enough days or songs remaining in the project to use all that stuff, especially considering how many of the upcoming slots are reserved for live band stuff. And after 39-40 wraps I don't see me doing much loop-based recording in the immediate future, so I should really use this stuff now. If that makes your experience of the final month just a bit funkier, then so much the better.

Artwork note: I like to include the cover art for the original 45s of the songs being covered when possible; it's just a little more interesting than seeing the cover of Something Else by The Kinks for the millionth time. But I was surprised to find a sleeve for "Waterloo Sunset" showing the boys still wearing the hunting togs-- as much as I like that gear, it didn't seem period-appropriate. Turns out it's the German single cover and so a little behind the times, I suppose, but I kept it anyway.

Genevieve Broome ~ Lead vocal, lead guitar
Rex ~ Everything else

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