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Sunday, February 27, 2011

346. "Rocky Top" by The Osborne Brothers

And here's the final mix in the Thunderhill sub-project! Which only means that the sequencing and fine-tuning of the Thunderhill compilation, due out in Summer 2011, can begin in earnest, but at least it's one obligation fulfilled as far as 39-40 is concerned, and there are now only 20 more songs to complete all told. That's pretty crazy... I couldn't even begin to relate this stage to what it was like completing the 20th cover any more than I could then have speculated what was going to happen before I got to 346, much less the end.

These Thunderhill remixes are going to require a lot of finetuning before they end up on the CD, but I've gotten a lot of work done, but the project should be basically fun from here on out. Maybe a little stressful deciding what's going to make the cut and what isn't, but I think its going to be a cool thing for a lot of people, whether they're just looking for copies of the old recordings or into the new stuff and the rarities from the vault. Who the hell puts out a compilation covering 1963 through 2011? Seriously?

Jim Broome ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Rich Frush ~ Drums, backing vocal
Rex Broome ~ Lead guitar, backing vocal
Tom Heckman ~ Bass, backing vocal
Jerry "Vic" Marsh ~ Tambourine
From the same show at the Honi Honi as all of the previous tracks...

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