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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

335. "So. Central Rain" by R.E.M.

Okay, I'll admit it: some part of me has been waiting to make the "R.E.X." joke on a fake record sleeve since 1986 or so. It seems somehow anticlimactic. But it's almost made up for by the fact that I'd somehow never seen the actual 45 sleeve for this song before today, and it's fucking rad is what it is.

The 13-string makes a return here, after being temporarily demoted to a regular 12-string for live purposes. In fact it's doubled here, once played through my Twin and once played through the DeVille, just to see how that whole thing worked. It's neat, but somehow, as much as I kept turning the trim knobs down take after arduous take, both tracks managed to peg the meter at at least one point without my catching it until a day later. The Rick 12 has a tendency to do that fore reasons that aren't totally clear to me. It's a sign of growth, in a way, that these three little hits bug me so much when a year ago I would have totally let them slide, but such putative maturity doesn't make those moments any easier on the eardrums.

Personnel: Rex


  1. In the red? Just pretend you're covering Jesus and Mary Chain...

  2. J&MC covers are better when the whole thing is in the red, as opposed to three random milisecond blips throughout the four minute tune...