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Saturday, June 26, 2010

100. "W.B" by The Fall

It's Day 100 and Song 100 for 39-40. And I get to do The Fall again! The Unutterable is a great, great record, and not necessarily appreciated as such. It doesn't actually get dissed very much, but it comes from such a spotty period in Fall history-- the preceding Levitate is confused at best and the subsequent Are You Are Missing Winner is quite likely the gruppe's worst ever, brilliant title notwithstanding-- and it sounds so unusual for a Fall record that it is a little hard to process. But it is brilliant, totally brilliant, probably in my top 5 personal favorite Fall records.

It is, though, tough to do a Fall cover without sounding like you're doing a bad MES impersonation. It took me a while to land on an approach that did the trick for me. And having done so, I went ahead and recorded the "B-side", a "Part II" whose lyrics were a direct reading of the William Blake poem from which MES cribbed a lot of his original lyrics. That part I totally did as an MES impression. It's long. Is it self-indulgent? Well, I should say so. I've been doing this daily for 100 songs now... I figure I've earned it.

Miranda & Ridley ~ Distorted giggling of the sort that ends up on real Fall tracks
Rex ~ Everything else
Additional lyrics ~ William Blake, from "Song of Liberty"

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