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Monday, June 7, 2010

81. "The New Orleans Function: The Death of Jazz" by Wynton Marsalis

Sadly, Mr. Marsalis can have had absolutely no idea how accurately titled this piece would be by the time I was done with it. I had to enlist my robot girl Anjali to help explain this one, and even she ended up with an ambiguously pitch-shifted voice due to some kind of odd transfer error. You can hear me doing just a little bit of improvisational soloing on the one instrument on which I can meaningfully do that sort of thing, but, once again, when the lion's share of the piece's soul lies in its liveness, the interation between the musicians, I may have to resort to novelty to make anything out of it if it's just me in a room with some instruments and microphones.

Note the brief appearance of a pre-Obama-controversy Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the liner note science Anjali drops on ya.

Anjali ~ vocals
Rex ~ everything else

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