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Saturday, June 19, 2010

93. "Leaves Me Cold" by Lush

My MacBook is approaching being three years old and Applecare is about to run out. In particular the battery's dead and it seemed prudent to take it in for one last workup. I had no way of knowing how long it would be away, so I set out to do some quick and dirty covers to tide 39-40 over in the interrim, so I wouldn't have to start from ground zero setting up my wife's machine for recording. This is the first one.

Lush was my first love among what are now unfortunately almost always known as the "shoegazer" bands; the video for "De-Luxe" on 120 Minutes struck me as powerfully unlike anything I'd ever heard before (and indeed I was at the time ignorant of most of their sound's clearer antecedents). Like most of their contemporaries, they'd fall on hard times as they attempted to grow beyond their original sound, but I maintain a certain emotional attachment to them. Miki Berenyi was one of my first and few musical "crushes": most of the female songwriters and musicians I really admire and love don't seem actually physically attractive to me for some reason-- something about what they do puts them more in the "sister" category for me, whereas actresses and comediennes feel like fair fantasy game-- but Miki did and does, and I remain saddened by the way she seemingly walked away from music after Lush ended in tragedy.

One thing I learned while hunting for artwork: Lush did a cover of "Outdoor Miner" as b-side? How did I miss that for 20 years?

Personnel: Rex


  1. Want covers of "Outdoor Miner"? Try here: . And I have probably another dozen floating around, too...



  3. I'd been meaning to pick that up for a while now. I'd also assumed that all of those Outdoor Miners were recorded specifically for the project, so I didn't expect to find Lush's version on there. Thanks!