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Thursday, June 24, 2010

98. "I Zimbra" by Talking Heads

This is kinda weird, because it's actually the second time I've sung these lyrics for 39-40. Way back when we did the Bjork cover with ten million vocals, the kids and I squirreled away some subliminal vocal tracks in foreign languages other than Icelandic... you almost certainly can't hear them, but somewhere on there Miranda's singing a blessing in Hebrew, Eden is reading a translation she'd just done for Latin, and I'm chanting the dada lyrics used in "I Zimbra".

It may not sound like it, but this was a fairly elaborate and challenging project. There are a lot of guitars playing interlocking polyrhythmic riffs and figures on this song-- that's practically why it exists-- and I was interested in distilling them down until they could be played on one guitar. I wanted to make sure that all the major parts were represented one way or another. Sometimes that meant working out ways to play two parts at a time, working a lead figure into a rhythm part, and sometimes it just meant switching parts up every time they came around. I didn't totally nail it, but I learned a lot in the process and I think I'll be able to do this kind of thing better if I try it again.

Personnel: Rex

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