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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

89. "Don't Waste Another Day" by The Muffs

After a day like yesterday when your best efforts still don't git it, you tend to feel obliged to get one really right. I think I did so on this one, with Eden's help. It was a natural to have her sing it-- it's a song like one she would write or even cover in her band Wye. It was mostly a matter of putting in the work. It turned out way way janglier than the original for a couple of reasons, one being my use of the 12-string and my sudden accidental discovery of a trick to make it sound really really good, and another being the way Eden opted to change the wall-of-sound rhythm guitar into a much choppier John Lennon kind of thing.

Sometimes you get a weird inkling to faithfully recreate a really odd bit of an original song. In this case, it was a weird mistakey-sounding boop noise right before the second guitar comes in... it might be a brief burst feedback, but on repeated listens it doesn't sound like it. I was going to use the guide tone feature on one of our guitar tuners-- the sound of the pitch of the selected note, the one you never use on purpose and irritates the hell out of you when you activate it by accident-- which sounds just like the noise on the recording, but as the track started to take shape as something people might actually want to listen to more than once, it seemed silly to put something so weird on it. Does that mean I have some kind of subconscious bias against weird experimentalism? You sure wouldn't think so, but I can't say as I know for sure.

Eden Hain ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, additional engineering
Rex Broome ~ 12-string and guitar solo, everything else

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