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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

97. "Fodder" by The March Violets

Holy shit that was close. It's a tight squeeze to get the songs done during summer vacation when the kids are home all the time. There are certainly times when they are otherwise occupied and I can steal a moment or two to lay down tracks, but I tend to not want to record my amp most of the time... it just needs to be too loud to not interfere with any activity they might be working on. So my guitar tones for a while are going to be a lot more amp-simulatey than I would like... however, the tone I got today worked out pretty well, and fit with the hack and slash Andy Gill imitation I settled on for the tune. I forget sometimes that I can do that kind of stuff.

But the real problem came about because I'd left the vocals for the end of the day, and with scant hours remaining, the only website with March Violets lyrics, which had been working just fine earlier in the day, went down down down. Now of course I could listen to the tune and transcribe it, but that takes time, and time was dwindling rapidly. I squeaked it out, but I'm going to have to alter my strategy somehow tomorrow. Holy shit that was close.

Personnel: Rex

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