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Thursday, June 3, 2010

77. "Dancing the Night Away" by The Motors

I said it was just gonna be me and a banjo, and so it is. Thrill as the too-violent hits overcome the best efforts of my laptop's built-in mic and crumble before its awesome onslaught and shit.

My wife helped to take the cover picture and wondered what Nick Lowe song I was covering. It is kinda funny having ol' Nick as the cover boy for this record, but I don't make the rules. Okay, actually I do make the rules, which leads me to ask if anyone really really digs the cover parodies or if they're just kind of... there, like Everest. Sometimes they amuse me greatly, but other times they just take up a lot of time, which, when you're already recording a whole new song every day, is kinda crazy. Any strong detractor or defenders?

Personnel: Rex


  1. Count me as a defender of the cover art! I am really looking forward to The Machine picking a Dead Kennedys track and the corresponding parody cover art - Charlie E.

  2. Yeah, just so long as you don't end up covering anything from Yes's Going for the One...