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Sunday, June 6, 2010

80. "Rose of Tralee" by The Houghton Weavers

So this project has reached a point where I'm starting to take stock of how many of my initial ideas I've used and whether the remaining ones are any good. One of the questionable ones was to transform a song or two into "dramatic readings" or even something akin to a radio play, with characters and sound effects and so forth... maybe that'll happen eventually, althoug it sounds like quite a task. But the spoken word thing seemed pretty do-able, except for the part where I'm sick of my own voice again, so I solicited recordings over Facebook. The voice you hear on this track is that of Ross Overbury, who in the course of volunteering reminded me that he's been soliciting performances of monk vocals for nearly a month, which did make me rightly feel like a bit of a self-centered nimrod and get just such a recording to him. This is the part where the internet is kind of fun.

The backing track is a song written by my longtime friend and writing partner Charlie Eckstrom. It's a 15-year-old demo from a 4-track cassette... each track digitized individually, respeeded, synched, trimmed and married to new drum tracks and overdubs with every bit of its analog hissiness preserved. Although it came close to having lyrics a few times, it was generally knows as "The New Wave Song" for reasons which are less than obscure.

Ross Overbury ~ vocal
Charlie Eckstrom ~ electric guitars and composition
Rex Broome ~ bass and acoustic guitar, assembly and editing

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