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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

75. "Evil Minded Momma" by Wayne County & the Electric Chairs

Firstly, this is by far the Least Safe For Work 39-40 I've ever done, for more reasons than one, so consider yourself warned. Secondly, look, you can't always do a good parody of the artwork. And sometimes you don't want to. So Eden had drawn this really cool picture which was overall a much better bet. Sadly, the cover art for the Bjork cover seems to have been one of the most memorable things I've posted so far.

And if I was in a bad mood yesterday, look out world, I'm pissed off today. It's an interesting thing producing a piece of "art" every day. What would normally just a crappy day to get over with and forgotten instead produces a semi-permanent musical document. It's overall a good thing-- music exists to document what these heightened emotional states feel like, I think-- but it's not always pretty.

Which brings us to Mr./Ms. Wayne/Jayne County, famous more for being one of the earlier transgender rockers to achieve any notoriety than for any particular musical magic. Even the musically good stuff is more noteworthy for its cultural and confrontational content than any kind of greatness; I have it primarily because it's a touchstone of the early punk scene that I dig, and because other people consider it classic in that context. I guess I used it in that confrontational fashion, too: the bitter and misanthropic vibe was something I could work with. I've always said, regarding my own putative bass playing, that when I pick up the instrument with nothing in particular in mind, I'll usually end up playing either Hank Williams or Peter Hook, and hey, that seems to be just what I did.

Rex Broome ~ Everything except:
Derek Hanna ~ Drums (radically respeeded)
Charlie Eckstrom ~ Some guitars (ibid.)
Eden Hain ~ Cover art
Embodies big honking portions of other songs which if you don't know what they are you can ask me, and trust me, nobody's missing out on any royalties here.


  1. Firebreathing pterodactyl destroys Seattle? But the Space Needle's such a nice guy...

  2. I'm three weeks behind on my listening, and between this and the previous one it's not as if you hadn't done enough song-quoting...but man, somewhere in the middle, it sure felt like you could have slipped a bit of "Debaser" in there - and even the lyrics seemed to fit at that point. Oh well: *every* song in the world can't quote Pixies songs.