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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

103. "Achin' to Be" by The Replacements

So Cliff was over at the house to work with me on some demos for Skates & Rays, and The Machine had picked this Replacements song for me to do, and I roped him into contributing. Seemed a natural as he's one of the few people I know who agree with me that Don't Tell a Soul is a good album. As a sort of odd unplanned part of the process, all of the drum samples we ended up using were played by Derek, our drummer, so we had unwittingly created a Skates & Rays song. Ooops! But we've never done a thing where Cliff and I switch off vocals Waylon & Willie style, and it's me on the bass and Cliff on lead guitar, so that's new.

In the course of finishing, editing and mixing the track, I had planned to add a second lead guitar to bounce off of Cliff's, and then the little 12-string riff on its own. But Eden and I were at the movies today and I thought she might have fun playing the riff, so she did. And that turned out to be all it needed. Neat how things work out sometimes.

Clifford Ulrich ~ Lead vocals (stereo right), lead guitar (6-string), harmonica
Rex Broome ~ Lead vocals (stereo left), acoustic guitar, bass, backing vocals
Derek Hanna ~ Drums
Eden Hain~ Lead guitar (12-string)

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