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Thursday, June 17, 2010

91. "Sloop John B (Live)" by Thunderhill

Yep, it's a real live track. I'm on the original, too, playing bass with my dad in the latter day Thunderhill, around 1990 at the Honi Honi in Deep Creek. I've played bass and sang harmonies on this song many, many times. So of course on my cover I had the ever-dependable Clifford Ulrich of Skates & Rays play the bass and sing the harmonies.

I'd be the first to admit that this sounds suspicious. My first live show since starting 39-40 was approaching, and I thought it would be ridiculous not to do a cover selected by The Machine as part of the set, and post a live recording of it. And the cover that was picked for me was a song I already knew by heart, which has rarely happened to this point. But it's true.

The recording of my version took place at the Atwater Village Centennial Street Fair. The sound is even dicier than usual because it's lifted from a video of the show, which is oddly also true of the Thunderhill original. So you get two lo-fi live recordings today. I hope to be doing more covers at live shows over the course of the project, so consider this a trial run. Cliff and I had never performed the song together before, so treat it gently.

Thunderhill fans, note that this is a previously unreleased recording, one of hundreds I've digitized over recent years encompassing every known live recording of the band (and related groups) between 1958 and 2009. I'm working on a project that will bring some of the highlights to Thunderhill's adoring public sometime, like, kind of soon.

Rex Broome ~ Guitar & lead vocal
Clifford Ulrich ~ Bass & harmony vocal

Bonus VIDEO of Rex & Cliff's performance of the song at the Atwater Village Street Fair

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