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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

96. "Sinner Sinner Sinner" by Bow Wow Wow

So the scheduling stuff does you in, especially during the summer. Right now I have two kids on summer vacation and one still in school for a week more. Balancing things out, I'd planned on taking the two vacationeers to Disneyland tomorrow, but at the last minute that got changed to today. How to bash out a Bow Wow Wow cover within that time frame? Well, I'll tell you.

Takes about an hour to get to Disneyland from Silver Lake. So before we leave I prep a disc of the song we're going to cover, and a suitably long loop of a drum part at the same tempo, and grab a bunch of percussion instruments and similar stuff, and my laptop, which I hand over to Miranda (9) for the drive. We listen to the original; Miranda learns the guitar part on kazoo, we all get the chain gang vocal bits down, and then Miranda records the whole shebang straight into the laptop using its onboard mic. Later at home, quick as can be, I cut it all together to the original beat, and it probably sounds better than it would have if I'd agonized over a more thoroughly realized concept. The kids are alright.

It was only fairly recently, after hearing "Afrodisiac" in Marie Antoinette, that I realized that Bow Wow Wow actually kicked ass. I think I'd long assumed they were kind of a part of that style-over-substance pop-starry slick side of New Wave for which I had no affinity, Duran Duran or Frankie Goes to Hollywood or some such. Ooops... wrong.

Miranda Broome: Kazoo, vocals, engineering
Ridley Broome: Percussion, vocals
Rex Broome: Vocals, editing and assembly

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