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Sunday, July 4, 2010

108. "When I'm Gone" by Brenda Holloway

Hey, Dad, listen-- I finally did a whistling solo!

This random selection is an example of one of the reasons I wanted to do 39-40, or indeed why I like hearing my music library randomized in general: I have a lot of cool compilations that are great fun to hear, things like big box sets of soul or surf or classic country or in this case Motown records, and they're great to listen to, but in some ways when you do so you're hearing this monolithic sound, and you don't get to focus in on the songs themselves unless you really have the time to listen more intently than, frankly, most adults including myself ever do. So here's a chance to take a good look at all the facets of an individual jewel, and maybe forge a special relationship with it. I really liked doing this tune.

Personnel: Rex

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