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Saturday, July 17, 2010

121. "Standing Around Crying" by Muddy Waters

One of the challenges of 39-40 at almost four months deep is to produce the occasional track that actually sounds a little bit different. In theory this shouldn't be too hard... one should have plenty of time to think up ideas like "I'll play this whole song on a rake" or "How about recording it and then rerecording it playing on the computer from 20 feet away" or whatever. The reality is that when you have so much stuff set up and so little time to work, and a chunk of your time is spent just plain learning the song, you really tend to use the same guitars and basic setups fairly frequently. Well, I do. Maybe someone else would do it better, and if so, they should please demonstrate it, because I don't see anyone else doing this shit.

Anyway, a long time ago Gen bought an old Kay guitar and its matching original amp, a thing that looks sort of like a sewing machine and features among other distinctions a combination on/off/tone knob. The guitar has basically become Eden's and she generally plays it through the Vox amps her patrons at the Burbank Music Academy provide. But I always felt like that guitar/amp combo might make for a nice dirty blues kind of sound if recorded right. Eden's at her dad's house with the guitar today, but the amp's still here, and I decided to put my idea to the test with this Muddy Waters tune, substituting my Tele Deluxe for the original guitar. I also came sort of close to my original idea, which had to do with how totally apocalyptic certain passage of these really slow early electric blues tunes can sound, easily the equal of the more harrowing passages or Confusion is Sex; I wanted to slow a drum loop down to the point where it was all skronky and digital-artifacty all over the place to mirror that in a way. It didn't quit read as I wanted it to, but it's not too bad.

Personnel: Rex

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