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Friday, July 30, 2010

134: "This One's On You" by Ken Stringfellow

Definitely the quickest turnaround between a purchase and a 39-40 cover thus far, this comes from a Stringfellow album I picked up last month fer cheep. The tune is a little overlong in its original version and even more so in the acoustic format I'm sort stuck with for now, so I cut a bit here and there (and picked up the tempo).

Personnel: Rex

1 comment:

  1. Rex, I miss you know who. No, no, not Rory. I mean I miss you. Have you left the board?

    I asked you about the remix -- not that one is necessary -- of Newberry Spectacle, but no answer. I hope it's just because you're in WV?

    If you're inclined to respond directly, my address is on the URL I mentioned when discussing covers.