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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

111. "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles

After a few days of relatively respectful or at least considered covers, I often feel the urge to do one of those more randomized deals. I hit on the idea of walking into record store (in this case Rockaway, within walking distance of my house) and walking up to the super-budget used-and-totally unwanted shelf, finding the first thing that clearly contained instrumentals I'd never heard of, and taking it home for mutilation as a backing track.

And so the dubious new age composition which has replaced the original melody and structure of "Lady Madonna" is actually track called "On My Wings" by an outfit named Nightingale, taken from the sampler compilation The Higher Octave Collection: Music from Around the World for Around the Clock. See, one disc is for day, and the other is for night or something. I added a one-pass gnarly guitar which doesn't really sound gnarled enough in context, and some warped vocals, which do.

Nightingale ~ backing track
Rex Broome ~ guitar, vocal

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