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Sunday, July 11, 2010

115. "Under the Sun" by The Buzzcocks

So it's summer and the kids are at home with me almost all the time. And we're having an excellent time. But every once in a while I have to sneak off and record a cover song, and, the layout of the house being what it is, that pretty much has to happen in the "family room". So I often have to ask then to be quiet for a few minutes and then try to not screw up a take so I don't put a damper on the summatime fun for too long.

But when it came down to it today, I decided to let them cruise, and even put a mic on them, so they wouldn't have to be annoyed, and I'd get a unique sound on what would otherwise have been a fairly routine Buzzcocks cover. So here they are, enjoying the ever-popular pastime "Watching Each Other Play Videogames". In this case Eden is playing Okami, and I believe Miranda is assisting by consulting an internet site with tips and cheat codes and suchlike. Somwhere in the background I'm recreating a track from a 21st century reunion record by some punk rock pioneers. Summer!

Rex Broome ~ guitar and singing
Eden, Miranda and Ridley ~ the important stuff

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