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Sunday, July 18, 2010

122. "The Daily Planet" by Love

And then some days I get to do a song that I totally love and would've like to learn eventually anyway.

Odd side effect, though. I've always thought of Forever Changes and Ocean Rain as total twin albums, and this song and "Silver" as particularly joined at the hip. I've gotten into a bad habit of quoting other songs in the course of my 39-40 covers, or at least of overdoing it, but since the direct link between these songs has long since existed in my mind, I decided to be deliberate about it this time. And it was thus that I discovered that some awful accident has caused all of my Echo & the Bunnymen records to disappear from my hard drive. And that's a big deal, because I had *all* of them... the box set, the reunion records, the weird but good album without McCulloch... quite a crisis here, and the big downside of having your music in digital-only form. I back my library up frequently, but in this case there must have been some unnoticed accidental dragging and dropping of a single folder that just happened to contain one of my favorite bands' entire output. About this I am not at all pleased.

Othewise, this one was a blast to do.

Personnel: Rex

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