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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

124. "Atchafalaya Pipeline" by BeauSoleil

This one turned out completely wrong, but in as good a way as possible. The concept of the original tune is the "Cajunization" of a surf song, which is cute, but I don't have the instruments or chops to really produce anything vaguely Cajun sounding. I do have the stuff to produce a low-rent surf track, but I was again stuck with the problem of how irritating listening to 3 minutes of my own playing can be to me. So I tried to enlist someone else to play at least some of the solos, and got no response at all. I also considered doing all of the solos on oddball instruments I can barely play for a really weird sound, and even just dropping a message into the tune saying, "Okay, play your own solo here" or something.

But when I got to setting up the basic track, something clicked. Specifically, it was the process of recording the Fender Twin, which was basically born to do this kind of thing, and then tweaking it for two different sounds. While testing out the "lead" sound I ended up with an actual "riff" that sounded pretty good for a surf tune, and I just rolled with that idea. What I got in the end may not be a completely stellar example of the genre, but nobody's going to mistake if for anything else, so in that sense, mission accomplished. Especially given my lack of tremolo bars and single-coil-up guitars!

Personnel: Rex

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