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Friday, July 9, 2010

113. "Jenna Jameson's Letter to Santa" by Jenna Jameson

I've gotten away from explaining how my covers come to be as they are, but this one requires some background, I fear.

For years I collected the limited-run Christmas compilations issued locally in Los Angeles by the KROQ morning show hosts Kevin & Bean, whose program was at times pretty funny; there were some brilliant pieces on the early compilations, mostly created by Jimmy Kimmel, who was their sidekick/comedy writer at the time. Over the years the returns diminished significantly and by this record, in 2002, you would usually have a lot of rather weak sketches and a handful of salacious "Dear Santa" letters read by celebrities, including this one by Jenna Jameson, whose apparently practiced the pre-internet occupation of "porn star".

So, what to do when The Machine gives you something like this? Well, the initials of the performer jogged my memory back to a Holiday "remix" I made many years ago, combining some hilarious dialogue by Stephen Root as Jimmy James on News Radio with a rather cheesy instrumental version of "God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen" on one of my then-wife's Mannheim Steamroller records, which got some laughs around the office where I worked back then. (Please note that at that time, "remix" meant that I had a record player going into the left channel of an old Radio Shack mixer, and a Walkman with a tape of the dialogue recorded off the air into the right channel, and that's what you get here.)

So I dug up the tape and added a few modern touches, incorporating some of Ms. Jameson's "letter" into a newly crafted bridge section, and there you go, instant holiday cheer. Actually, the new part is pretty lame, but some of my old friends will probably be glad to have the News Radio bit available for public consumption for the first time ever.

In a bizarre instance of full-circle, I went looking for the name of the actor who played character asking Mr. James the questions, and while I did not find him, I did discover that, according to the IMDB, another noted adult film performer, Ron Jeremy, was an uncredited guest star in the same episode. Huh.

Rex Broome & His Holiday Fun-Time Pals are:
Caitlin Blackwood as Amelia Pond
Stephen Root as Jimmy James
Mannheim Steamroller as the Musical Accompanists
Rex Broome as All the Other Stuff

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