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Monday, July 19, 2010

123. "Mama Lion" by Crosby & Nash

I know David Crosby is kind of a punchline and a punching bag for a lot of people, but I can't help but like the guy. First of all, if you're going to tell me he's not talented, I'll fight you. He's the most inventive rock rhythm guitarist I can think of (and if you thing that's damning with slight praise, you haven't listened to his guitar work on the Byrds records as closely as I have). And it may be true that the harmony work of CSNY is often overrated, but Crosby's part in it, and certainly that of the Byrds, sure as hell isn't. His songs are baffling... the distance between "Everybody's Been Burned" and "Mind Gardens", written around the same time, is almost precisely the distance between the sublime and the ridiculous. He has a weight problem, and a drug problem, and basically rather a lot of problems, but writing him off as a dated hippie joke is just not right.

Graham Nash seems a nice enough fellow with a pretty voice who deserves your sympathy just for how much shit he's taken from Stephen Stills over the years, and what's not to adore about the early Hollies records?

Spoilers: This is probably the first recording I've ever created which switches time signatures, at least in any kind of planned or organized fashion.

Personnel: Rex

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  1. Whereas Stills comes off like a talented guy who's also a majorly egotistical asshole.

    (And Neil Young? He's Neil Young.)