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Monday, July 12, 2010

116. "Straight Answers" by Neil Young

As a cursory listen to the original-- and that's the only kind of listen possible-- will reveal, this isn't really a Neil Young tune. The soundtrack to the film Where the Buffalo Roam is credited to Neil Young, who created the score as such, but it also includes a whole bunch of other stuff, including complete tracks by Hendrix and the Beach Boys, and dialogue segments like this one. So I'm still no closer to getting to do a legitimate Neil cover for 39-40 than I was yesterday.

What I've done instead is to manufacture a completely illegitimate Neil cover. First order of business was of course to have the kids recreate the scene on the track The Machine had selected. And then I appended my idea of what an actual Neil Young song called "Straight Answers" might sound like. I didn't write the whole song, partly because of time constraints, partly because I thought that after a single verse my imitation songwriting abilities might flag, and partly because stylistic mimicry is an entirely different exercise from 39-40. It's just meant to suggest that such a song exists and nothing more. I'm also not specifically imitating Neil's voice-- believe me, I can-- but rather writing in his habitual chordal preferences and melody lines that seem to me, from my having listened to a hell of a lot of his recordings, like something he might hit on. The guitar playing is pretty much a straight-up imitation, but so is at least half of what I play on any acoustic guitar I'm given.

Rex ~ guitar and singing
Eden ~ dialogue, stereo left
Miranda ~ dialogue, stereo right
Ridley ~ sound effects and scuffle noises

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  1. BOth link to the same place (NY). Pls. correct?